International travel provides a wealth of opportunities to explore ancient history, embrace a country’s culture, and devour the local cuisine — which for many includes tasting local beverages. While culinary travel as it relates to wine is more often talked about, there are craft beer enthusiasts who can easily plan an entire trip around scouting out local brews.

When visiting Belize, trying the local beer is a must. Belikin is the official beer of Belize and can be found in every grocery store, restaurant, and bar in the country. It is brewed by the Belize Brewing Company, which is owned by the Bowen family, and is based in Ladyville, Belize District. Even those who are not beer drinkers have been known to find themselves becoming quite fond of Belikin.

Under the Belikin name, there are several different beers produced and marketed throughout the country. And now, Belikin has been producing several seasonal beers that you should keep your eye open for when traveling!

Belikin Beer

With a true malt body and fine hop aroma with a touch of bitterness aftertaste. It’s brewed in the classic lager style; it has 4.8% alcohol and is by far the most popular beer in Belize.

Belikin, the Beer of Belize

Belikin, the Beer of Belize

Belikin Stout

Probably the second most popular beer in Belize and is a bit lighter than many other stouts you will find, making it appealing to even non-stout lovers. It has 6.5% alcohol and is served in the same bottle as the regular Belikin, but you can distinguish it by a blue cap versus the green seen on regular Belikin.

Belikin Regular (Green) and Belikin Stout (Blue)

Belikin Regular (Green) and Belikin Stout (Blue)

Belikin Premium

Called the crown jewel of the Belikin beers, it is well-balanced and rich in body and aroma. It is composed of different types of barley malt, combining the latest technology with traditional craft-style brewing. Like the regular Belikin beer, it is 4.8% alcohol.

Lighthouse Lager

Lighthouse Lager is the Belize Brewing Company’s contribution to the green-bottle beer league. It is a light Canadian Pilsen malt made with German and American hops. 4.2% alcohol.

Lighthouse Lager

Lighthouse Lager

Guinness Beer in Belize

Yes, there is Guinness in Belize! The Belize Brewing Company is the local bottler and distributor for Guinness beer.

The name Belikin is said to be derived from the Mayan language and means “Road to the East”. On the label, you will note the Mayan temple logo – it is Temple of the Masonry Altars located at the ruins site, Altun Ha.

While Belikin is served on draught at many local places, most people recommend you try the bottled one as it “just tastes better.”

You will find when traveling in Belize that you won’t see the selection of beers you are familiar with back home. There are no American or Mexican brands, and the few other choices here include Heineken, Carib and Red Stripe.

Once you leave Belize and have fallen in love with the local beer as many travelers do, there is very limited distribution back to the US. The few places that sometimes carry it are often out so you may want to consider using your duty free allowance to safely pack a few Belikins for when you return home!

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